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Dedicated Almond Factory For Our Investors

Join us on this delicious journey of innovation, quality, and passion. Agro Concept Almond Factory – Redefining Excellence in Almond Processing, one kernel at a time.

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Agro Concept SL Almond Factory

Our partner company ,Agro Concept SL has a brand new Almond Factory where almonds are not just processed, but crafted with passion and precision. At Agro Concept Almond Factory, located in the heart of Plasencia, we're more than just a facility; we're innovators in the almond industry, dedicated to bringing you the finest almonds with a touch of excellence.

Why Our Factories Are Very Important 


We are investing millions of USD for our factories and our walnut and almond process factories  are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

All the harvest is collected from the farmlands and transferred to our factories by us. We process your dry fruits and we sell to the domestic and international markets.

Our Home

A Blend of Size and Sophistication Nestled on a vast 4900 square meter land, our Almond Factory shines as a modern marvel of processing prowess. With a dedicated factory space of 1100 square meters, we’ve created an environment where innovation thrives. It’s here that we transform raw almonds into the premium product that reaches your table.

The Heart of Our Operations

At the core of our factory beats a state-of-the-art almond processing line, designed not just for efficiency, but for excellence. With the capacity to handle 900 kg of almonds per hour, we’re set to process an impressive 1.5 million kg annually. This means a steady supply of high-quality almonds, ready to meet the demands and delights of our customers.

Tailored Packaging

Preserving Freshness, Delivering Delight We understand that the journey from our factory to your hands is critical. That’s why we offer a variety of packaging solutions, designed to cater to diverse market needs. Whether it’s large bulk packs for our commercial partners or small-sized vacuum packs to keep the almonds fresh and flavorful, we ensure that our products reach you in impeccable condition.

Our Commitment to You

At Agro Concept Almond Factory, our mission is simple: to deliver almonds that are processed with the utmost care, precision, and respect for quality and sustainability. We’re setting new benchmarks in the almond industry, ensuring that every kernel we produce is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our almond processing factory works with the latest technology and modern machinery line!